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DJ Rapey Rapist

1. I Was raped, but I only told a few people. I Sometimes feel like I caused it to happen, by not being careful enough. I Was in my twenties and he was close to forty. I only went on dates during the day. I met him several times. Talked to him on the phone. Thought I knew everything about him.

2. It was my fault because I let him come to my room. And I was kissing him too. I Said I didn't want to have sex, but he kept going. I didn't scream and I didn't hit him because I still wanted him to like me. I Just didn't want to have sex.

3. I Became pregnant from the rape and had an abortion. I Made him pay for the abortion. Even though he denied being the father. I was dating someone who was over seas. Who Had been fine for seven months so it couldn't be anyone else.

4. I Taped our conversation were he admitted forcing me but I never used it. Its Been twenty years now.

5. He was a famous radio personality and still is. I Never listen to that station and see him around town sometimes he doesn't remember who I am. He Tried to hit on me one day and asked me my name. I Laughed in his face and walked away. How Many women had he done this to.that He can't remember me.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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