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Friend of many homophobic douchebags

I'm gay. I'm actually bi, but if you like cock your gay in the eyes of my friends. I could never tell them. Only a few very close people know. I don't want to lose friends and I don't want them thinking that I want to fuck them, even though I do.

I have a machine in my closet that I attach a dildo to and just let myself get fucked for hours.

Big muscular hairy men turn me on. I would love to be a bitch for a massive man with a thick cock and a hairy ass.

Sometimes while cleaning my horse, he'll get aroused and I'll suck his big horse cock and take the huge load to the face. I'm afaid to let him fuck me.

I had threesome with my twin cousins. One male. One female. We all slept in the same bed before my uncle's funeral and my boy cousin got wood in his sleep which got me turned on. My girl cousin started jerking and sucking us.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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