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Gay dudes aren't so into picking up chicks

1 I HATE CHRISTMAS it is the most useless holiday ever. It is commercial and no longer has anything to do with its original purpose unless that purpose was to go bankrupt at Toys R Us.  I have no intention of allowing my daughter to believe in Santa which has caused a weekend of arguments with my family.  So I offer my standard issue answer, ‘I don’t give a fuck’

2 I was molested by 2 of my mothers boyfriends (plus a few others starting at age 3) and she has no idea.  When I was 14 I allowed her 60 y/o boyfriend to touch me because my family was living with him and we didn’t have anywhere else to go.  I hated myself for that but I felt I had no choice.

3 My former best friend is into body building and I want her body.  She is gorgeous and I wonder if part of our friendship was based on me wanting to be in her presence perhaps I am slightly jealous.  But she has a fucked up life so I am not that jealous.

4. I came out to my gay best friend as bi in hopes he can help me find a chick to sleep with.

5. I am very selfish rarely do I ever pay attention to anyone else’s needs beyond my own unless they benefit me in some way.

Bonus this is my 3rd time posting to five-secrets I wonder if anyone can link the secrets.  I’m crushing on your lips K (which is a very sexy letter its in my name somewhere).  I would love a witty reply from you. :-p

Bonus + call me crazy but I have a feeling that 'The Saddest post ever' and the follow up are fake.  Its sounds too preachy.  I apoligize if it is not, I am selfish not mean.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

[Witty eh? Hmmm. How about, Well, if you like my lips you should see the rest of me? Except honestly, I'm really not that impressive. I have no idea how that picture turned out so good. Ha!

As far as your speculation that Saddest Post Ever and the followup are fake, who knows. Some people who know me in real life have said the same thing, and it crossed my mind as well. Personally, I hope it's a fake but I kind of doubt it, just because it strikes me as being in incredibly poor taste to lie about suicide, particularly the suicide of a married woman with a toddler to raise. However, it also strikes me as sort of odd that this website (and the apps) could possibly be important enough to anyone to use it as a forum for their last(ish) words to the world.

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