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P. I have a penis fetish.
E. I don't get turned on by men.
N. I'm dating a shemale.
I. We haven't had sex yet. Not even oral.
S. She's special. I really like her.

- Not sure If this makes me gay or not, but I don't care. She makes me smile.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: other

[I'm happy that you've found someone that makes you smile -- what more can any of us ask of a partner? I did want to let you know, in case you don't know already, that the term "shemale" is considered pretty offensive among the transgender community (it was invented by the porn industry), so before you use it around your lady make sure you know how she feels about it first. Be sensitive, be safe, and don't get in a hurry to stick labels on yourself. Gay is just a word, and if you don't identify as a gay male, you're not -- end of story. Good luck!


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