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Not so easy to understand

Todays I feel asleep drunk At a J.L. house and woke up with his dick in me I'm so sad inside he thinks that it was ok I didn't even let him finsh I pulled my pants back up an don't ever touch me.

Today is A.M. birthday I got him a cool gift he loved it. Then with in the hour I found out that he's fuckin this girl with out a comdom.

I sleep with him with out a comdom we have been for years I have a STD... now I just told her to go get checked cause we both fucked him in the last week I pray for A.M. and his friend.

I fucked a dude in the house when he was sleep it was good. see who smiling in your face. You Just lyied to me. I had sex with this dude the whole time we was together in the last yearlol ....

I meet the dude from the island an he tall an sexy I have had the best sex ever with this islander I mean great he's. A 10 voice talk walk eyes wow an can make yur legs shake... after doing him I seen my ex boy friend and made up lies so he did want to have sex. I love that fact that I cheated on him the whole time even on his birthday last

He told me about five serect an this is me 4 time I posted 1 we both love this site

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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