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The one with the ordinary friends

1: im a teenage girl and i have loads of friends..all my friends are all into their boys with 6 packs and geled hair,whereas im more into the pierced emo boys.but i havta lie everyday cas i dnt want them thinkin im different
2: i have 2 best friends..nd they both happen to be beautiful nd im sick to death of being compared to them like for once i dnt want to ne known as "the one with the pretty friends"
3: my brother is gay nd it doesnt bother me in the just worried for his safety all the time!
4 : i fear that no boy will ever love me,i havent had a proper boyfriend ever and im afraid its going to be that way for the rest of my life
5 :im always thinkin that im bigger than most girls i know,and starving myself or makin myself sick is starting to seem more nd more appealing to me

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Sexual Orientation: n/a

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