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The Point: To make yourself as happy as possible

1. I'm jealous of my best friends relationship. I feel like we've grown apart because of him & can't help feeling some resentment towards him.

2. I'm a virgin because of moral reasons but I've never been in a situation where I had to say no & that makes me feel ugly.

3. People don't seem to realize that their comments about my appearance really hurts. I already have enough self-confidence issues.

4. I feel like I could make a great girlfriend, but I can't picture me actually having a boyfriend. This scares me a lot. I really don't want to end up all alone.

5. I feel like my life is wasting away and don't even see a point in it sometimes. I think a lot of people wonder what the point of being alive is. I mean really, what difference does it make?

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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