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Silence is golden

1] I hate the fact that I'm not good enough for anyone. Nobody will just take me as I am. Every time I make a friend, I find myself messing around with my personality as to fit with that person. When I show my true personality, people tend not to like me.
2] I have Asperger's Syndrome. I don't tell that to anyone, because the last person I told just called me a liar. I have it, and it's incredibly had for me to express my feelings and make friends or anything.
3] I hate speaking. If I could to the rest of my life in complete silence, believe me, I would. I hate explaining myself, I hate talking to people, I even hate the sound of my own voice.
4] Sometimes I want to cry, but I just hold in the tears and hold my head up. I will go without crying for months, and then all the tears I had kept in will just come pouring out when I try to talk to someone about whatever happened.
5] Nobody understand what I go through. Nothing in my life has gone right, and I just want to give up.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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