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That's no way to get better

1.I am dating a dealer (meth) I am 26 years old he is 44 years old I have been with him for a year now I am only with him because I have a Meth problem myself.

2. Ikust had sex with his good friend I was good my boyfriend is in jail for only 3 weeks I am pretty. Very beautiful I like his friend really like him but I am sure his is just fucking me.

3. I am married but separated I got beat by my husband daily for over seven years. I have a year old daughter with him

4.I don't have any money for myself to get out of this life I am a sexy woman I always get what I want I am thinking of doing porn I just don't know how to start probley for the best.

5. I am bad at giving head I think and I am scarred to tell a Guy so I just don't do it.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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