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Tyler's new boyfriend

1. I've been an emotional wreck for as long as anyone can remember... I'm 19 an have been depressed my entire life... I've been told several times by several doctors that I should never quit taking antidepressants... But I never take them...
2. I'm gay... Not really that big of an ordeal other than the fact that my father is practically a preacher and I've been raised in a penecostal household and I feel like I'm letting my family down by being myself.
3. I've battled suicide and have even been in a "Mental Rehabilitaion" center...
4. I'm a bigger guy and can never find someone that wants to be with me though I have messed around with a few straight guys and even deceived my best friend and messed around with her boyfriend... I feel bad because I don't feel bad about doing that to her... But she's gorgeous and isn't very loyal herself. (They've been separated for nearly a year now but everything that happened between him and me happened when they were still together)
5. I have a boyfriend!!! I asked him on Christmas Eve while cuddling on a blanket on top of a mountain! He makes me feel special, like I have a purpose. Since him and I have been talking it feels like my past and everything bad has just melted away.... I am truly happy for once in my life!! Thank you, Tyler!

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: gay

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