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A whole lot of love to give

1.) I love my girl, more than anyone else, and put her above all others, though it might not seem like it cause I can be such a bitch. She spoils me like crazy!!

2.) I am still in love with my ex, hy don't know it or isn't aware of it.

3.) I am also in love with a dear friend who has been here for me for the last 3 years. And just found out the feeling is mutual. We talk daily and "sext" to. We have never even met face to face.

4.) My girl would leave me if she new this. I don't want to hurt her. But I can't help but to love these people. They all command my love in different ways. I deem like each is a piece of my heart, and the puzzle just isn't complete without them.

5.) Even though I love them, if they chose to withdraw themselves from my life, I would send them away with a smile, as long as they were happy.

Bonous (?): I freed myself of jealousies and insecurities and found the love of 2 others waiting for me. If everyone could do the same, could you imagine gow much more peaceful the world would be?

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: other

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