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Can't afford not to live

1.) i cut myself myself because it makes me feel beautiful and like im good at something.
2.) as everyday passes i struggle to see why i should carry on living
3.) i litterally can't afford to live anymore.
4.) my friend and her baby are keeping me alive, but i have to move out soon and dont think i can cope alone.
5.) im only posting on this beacuse i can't tell anyon else.i dont want to loose the friends i have.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. hey sweetheart. i know that you wouldn't think i know how you feel.. but i do. my best friend and her son are what kept me alive and wanting to be part of this world for a long time. and i used to cut. still want to sometimes when everything feels like it eats you alive.. but know that the ones you love and the people who are in ur life will be there. even if it is just to listen most won't know what to say but they will be there.. and coping alone is hard i live on my own now. and can tell u there are lonely days days when the last thing you want is to be trapped with urself but than there are these days that are beautiful where u feel like you are making it even in the smallest ways and it makes it all worth it.. its hard to live in this world right now but take it from someone who is working a min wage job.. you can do it. and live on ur own your only alone in the world if you allow your self to be.. you have to open up to let people know you need them. i know how hard that is becuz i HATE showing that i need people. i hate having to need anyone but i have learned in my 25 years that needing people is ok and it makes you stronger. tomorrow when you look at ur friends child watch them play and laugh and not worry about the mundane life. just learn to enjoy that moment happiness isn't a goal love its trapped in the moments we live.. your never alone and if u ever need someone to just listen or talk to if you want u can talk to me.. it will be ok. maybe not tomorrow or the next day but it will be one day i promise. here is my email.


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