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Can't be chased if you stand your ground

1. I have felt for some time now that I shouldn't have sex, even though a condom is used....cause they are not a fool proof plan. I've had to use a pregnancy test before because my period came late and it terrified me.
2. I think I could be pregnant now, only time will tell that one. And I pray to God that I am not. I'm to young(20) to bring a child into this world.
3. I want my bf to agree to no sex until marriage, cause then I'd be fine if I birthed a child. I've mentioned it to him and made him do it once. Then he broke down my barriers and I just gave in.
4. I'm a push over(no thats not a secret....just truth), but here is the secret....I'm a strong willed person....and it takes a lot to push me, but it can be done....especially by my bf, he know all the right buttons to press, pushing me into almost any thing he wants.
5. My bf. Is not good for me. He's not right for me. He depresses half the time. Makes me feel so abused and appreciated. He just takes me for granted so muc
h, I'm sick of it all. Yet once I leave him, he chases me and talks his way back in. He once broke up with me, the next day. He says he is sorry and can't be with out me. So no matter what I get chased and he rails me back in.

   If you have any advice regarding my post Please share it with me.
                                                     Thank You,

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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