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Diamond girl

1. I've been dating my bf for two years, and I love him. But I'm cheating on him with my best friend.
2. My best friend and I are amazing together. We go out all the time and we smoke and drink. Sometimes we have sex, and its always AWESOME. He makes me feel like I'm alive. Like it doesn't matter what I think or do. He makes me happy.
3. My best friend is all I think about. We've talked about it extensively, and we know that we love each other, but he says he doesn't want to ruin it all by dating. He's under the impression that if we start dating we'll break up shortly thereafter and he will lose me. And truth be told, I don't mind.
4. I've started talking to yet another guy. He's a really cute tattoo artist at the premier tattoo shop in Miami (where I live). He's a sweet guy. He doesn't want to push things because he knows I have a boyfriend. He has no idea I'm sleeping with my best friend. But my best friend knows all about him.
5. I think the reason I'm being unfaithful is because my boyfriend just isn't attracted to me. He's always telling me how I should lose weight or stop getting tattoos or piercings (I don't even have that many). And I'm not interested in changing or stopping. I can tell he's not satisfied anymore, and that used to make me feel depressed. But now, I've just found two guys that make me feel like a diamond. I'm happier this way.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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