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Do you mean head?

1)i used to like girls and think about the stupidest things with them.
2)i think im confused with my orientation because i like guys more then girls like i like guys 9O% and idont know about girls though.
3)i think i want to give neck to a guy again even after what he did because i think i like giving him neck. :x
4)i have never liked a guy, like i will like any hot guy with a nice body and face :) and well if there personality suckss they ruin it but im very superficial and it makes me feel bad when i think i have a crush on a guy and i autimatcly pick out all his defects -.-
5) I dream of having sex with the sexiest/prettiest/fuckin hottest guy in school all the fucking time >.< &&i hate the fact i gave the chance away of giving him neck but then im kind of glad because he may have some STD or sumthing ill never know.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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