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A free lunch

I really want to fuck B.H. I know that she loves to fuck because not only does she make it known, but "others" that we work with have told me about her need to orgasm a few times a day. Just not sure if I'm her type.

Porn doesn't interest me any more.

I've got this Latin girl that I want to do, but I think she's looking for something serious.

Me and a friend did a train on this girl and he got mad because she was paying more attention to me. Sorry my dick is bigger bro. Its all about the gurth. Hahaha!

One of my coworkers is trying to hook me up with her married friend. She's going through a divorce and has a big crush on me. We've talked a few times and she's a cool girl. Pretty as hell. We have good conversation and she even paid for my lunch last time. That's different. I might have to spend some more time with this one.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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