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Golden oak

1. I have to many dark secrets that no one knows. But i want to tell someone all of them in person so I can see their reaction.

2. One night every week me and my friend chill after work. Every time this happens i hope we "accidently" get to drunk or high to the point where I can suck his cock.i make it a point that I leave my zipper down so he can see my dick.

3. Im bisexual. My girlfriend has no idea i have given 2 guys head before.  I love having sex with her but I have this urge to suck some cock at least one more time.

4.i did the guys mom that I am talking about in #2. And he knows about it. I told him about it. He didnt care to much.

5. I want have a girl tell me and a guy what to do to each other and videotape it. I get so horney. Thinking about sucking on #2 golden oak. If ne1 can give me any advice on getting that guy I was talking about to tel l me how to make it happen please email me at

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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