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Knows how to spot a good mom

- when I see overweight people grocery shopping or eating at restaraunts it infuriates me. I know they still have to eat but I just want go up to them and ask them if they think they really need this stuff. and to thank then for helping to make America look like a bunch of lazy, fat, spoiled consumers.

-I find womens feet to be extremely sexy. well, only the pretty feet. If you got a bunion, or corns, fat, dry ashy feet forget it.

-lately I have been wanting to be present and watch a gorgeous, blonde white/Latina woman have sex with a very hung and athletic black man. The color contrast is sexy.

-i wish I had one of those $6000 life like sex dolls.

-i don't know why but I find escorts and over promiscuous women to the hottest in the world. when I see there photos I just want to taste them. I would have no problem having babies with them.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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