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Life doesn't have report cards

(1] i sercretly hate my dad , he doesn't know this . I hate how alcohol takes over his life & he lets it . I hate the fact he was never a true father to me , i wish he'd leave my life at times i did perfectly fine w/o him all these years
(2] i hate the person i became . i'm so mean lately . i think me being depressed all these years finally turned into haterid . i honestly think im bipolar . im scared to tell people bc im scared they'd judge me & ill end up telling them harsh stuff .
(3] i never feel good enough for anyone . at times i feel like i fail life .
(4] im in a messed up position with guys . the guy my bestfriend likes likes me  my guy friend nd his cousin like me . i feel like im stuckk . iim too scared to be in a commitment again . im scared to be heartbroken again
(5] i think im addicted to sex . i always want to have sex but i cant find myself to have sex with anyone but my ex . i wanna finger myself so i can get off but i rather have someone else pleasure me .

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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