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1. There's a pretty good chance my 72 y.o. Dad has gotten a 40 y.o. Gold digger pregnant.  Those little blue pills have a lot to answer for.  It's gonna devastate my Mom, even if the gold digger is lying.

2. I bribed a government official so I'd get permission to put a wind turbine on my property even though it's real close to a bunch of 'legoland' houses.

3. But I only did it because the planning employees are so corrupt and my other neighbour bribed then so he could build an apartment block right on the boundary with my home.

4. I teach college students and I marked someone with the surname Campbell down just because of the Glencoe massacre from hundreds of years ago.

5. A few months ago I posted I wanted to sleep with a young woman one last time.  I finally went and did it.  It wasn't that great a deal, but its out of my system now.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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