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An MMF never to be

I like seeing my secrets on here. It feels like I'm really opening up to everyone but yet no one knows who I am. I feel I can finally tell the whole world what's on my chest like I want to. Thanks, K.

The past couple days I've been getting in arguments with my husband because of our life issues. Yesterday he was texting a girl he works with because he finished a tattoo design that she requested. I got so overprotective and got angry at him. Because of what my dad did to my mom I'm secretly very insecure.

The worst part is, is that I've been "cheating" on him. I put it into quotations cause really its nothing. The most I've done with the guy is make-out. Honestly, I hate the guy now. He makes me cheat on my husband and every time I tell him to stop, he won't. So now its pretty much rape everytime I'm alone with him. I want my husband to know but I don't want him to be angry at me, it was involuntary.

Cleaning is a guilty pleasure for me when I'm in the mood. I feel so accomplished after I get good results.

I want to have a three-some so bad. I want my husband to fuck me from behind while my best friend shoves his dick into my mouth. Too bad both of them are against other men touching me lol.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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