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Over the line

let's start off by saying I'm a virgin. I don't want to be but I'm too nervous. I've heard stories about it hurting so much. I honestly just wanna lose it asap.

1. He is one of my friends since grade 7 and I have a really big crush on him. (wow I sound like a 12 year old) I have for awhile but I couldn't tell anyone. Then one day when I was drunk I told my sisters. Then I told my best friend, and I can't stop thinking about him.
2. Another boy I recently fell in love with. I work with him and I can't stop thinking of him either, I think I have a problem.
3. The other boy that was texting me and saying he wants to fuck me. That made me feel pretty because no one has ever said that to me before. Ikr what a nice way o make me feel pretty?
4. I've known this kid since junior kindergarten. And I had a thing for him in grade 6 and it got stronger recently but he stopped texting me and that killed me
5. I've also known this kid since kindergarten and I ruined our friendship when we went to far and now I can even look at him.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. Oh sweetheart! No rush for your first time. It should be when you're comfortable. As far as the pain, its not THAT severe. After two weeks it should be competely enjoyable. For safe measure, select a guy that is smaller than average


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