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Panties aren't just for girls

1. I have a fetish for wearing panties and lingerie that I have shared with my significant other but she seems apprehensive even though I just wanted to be honest.  I think she can sense I really want more. I wear them anyways and make sure she sees me in them and it turns me on to wear her panties, plus I love the way they feel.

2. I think about sex non-stop mostly with woman but also fantasize about being with guys. Like what it would be like to experience anal sex and play the role of the female during sex and express my feminine side for once.

3. I think I drink to much because of the feelings sexually that I have repressed for so long and because I just like the buzz also.

4. I want to fuck my sis-in-law.  I totally hate her values and what she represents but she has a hot, sexy, petite body and she has flirted with me before and shown an interest but I never seized the opportunity then and now it is several years later but I still want to fuck her.

5. I'm not sure I'm capable of finding the true pleasure in life.  No matter how things are going: good, bad or otherwise I'm always stressed.

Bonus:  I always feel so much better after reading other peoples secrets like my life isn't as bad as I thought.  I wish all the young teens would stop cutting and talking about suicide.  It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem and they have so much life ahead of them.

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