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That actually could get you pregnant

1# I cant stop thinking about doing sexual things with girls.

2# I like this guy but i have no idea what I'm doing by getting involved with him. he's already mentioned that he only wants sex but I'm not sure what his true motives with me are. i guess i keep hoping for a relationship.

3# I'm a virgin yet I think I'm pregnant because my Ex came all over my pussy but I know I can't be pregnant. I just wish I would get my F'n period already.

4# I need money really bad. well just to please my family and support myself because I'm almost 18. I;m seriously willing to do a lot of things for some quick cash.

5# I wanna get high. Just so baked out of my mind I wont have to feel stressed for a long time.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. moneney is easy to make if you want to work even if you are young try supporting your self getting high been there done that if you get high you have to come back down if your having se* just use get him to use a condom


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