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Things just happen

1. I'm getting annoyed with all my friends because all they seem to do is complain to me about their problems. I have problems to  you know!!!!! and whenever I try to talk to them about my problems they just ignore me.:'(
 2. I need a new life, I'm tired of just sitting around and waiting for something to happen, even though lately I've been finding trouble everywhere I go hmmmmmmm???????
3. I did something bad with my friends mom, she asked and  I could've said no but I didnt. I kind od wanted it... Sooooo
4.  I hate my body!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's that
5. Right now I'm a train wreck nothing is going the way it was planned so for now I'm just going to say SCREW LIFE and I'm gonna let's thigs happen  even if they arent suppose to.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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