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Too many weedships

1. I recently have been toying with the idea of finding a sugar daddy. I even joined a website for that sole reason, but I  feel like a hypocrite because I used to feel very strongly about  golddigggers. Mt job just cut my hours and  paying rent this month is gonna be almost impossible.

2. Sometimes I pick my noise when no one is around. Its so gross and I wish I could stop.

3. I love porn, I think its so hot when a girl squirts, cause you know she's having a real orgasm.

4.  sometimes I wonder  what my friends say behind my back. it doesn't bother me that they talk about me, I just worry that they won't ever bring it up with me if something is bothering them.

5. I used to have so many more friends when I smoked weed all the time and its depressing to think that all these ppl I though I was truly friends with turned out to be just weedships

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. I hate when I squirt. It's embarrassing and messy and I didn't even feel it, I just notice afterwards. My bf likes it but he knows it freaks me out, so he does most of the work so I can have real orgasms instead of squirting


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