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Who needs friends when we have Twitter

1. I have Facebook and am always on it. Due to the people connected to me, I can't always be uninhibited. I have a Twitter account so I can truly say whatever I feel. Usually It's very depressing or vulgar stuff. It's a release I cannot get anywhere else.
2. I feel like I have lived my life backwards. Big accomplishments early on. Now I'm 29 and feel like I don't know where I'm going or how to get there. Just a lost feeling.
3. I don't think I married my soul mate. I waited 10 yrs to get who I believed to be my soul mate back life. I never thought it was possible so I moved on. Was I supposed to wait forever ? I think about it all the time and the "what if?"
4. If I was a guy, I'm sure I'd have kids by now. I hate the thought of being pregnant and going through hell and childbirth. It isn't worth it to me.
5. I really miss sharing things with my dad. I would do anything for him to still be alive. For that I'm a horribly selfish person. But I can't change the intense loss and the way I feel without him.

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