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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why do you still have sex?

1. I was raped by my brother but I don't hate him
2. I tell my boyfriend I love him but I sleep with my ex more
3. I leave my ex boyfriend to go see my current boyfriend.
4. When we have sex. It hurts and I pretend im somewhere else, like shopping online.
5. I think about killing myself while having sex because it makes me want to rip my skin off

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. Because you can't have love without it

  2. I don't know if the person who left this comment is the OP... but it does seem like a likely response, so even if it's not the OP, I'd like to respond to it....

    When I was younger I went through a long period of time where every time I had sex it hurt terribly. I finally went to the gyno and he told me that it was just me, tensing up my muscles. Vaginismus -- a common response, often psychologically based, to a conscious or subconscious fear of being hurt.

    I admit that love and sex are, especially today, very much linked. It seems like such a sad thing that something that can be so pleasurable and rewarding as sex would instead cause you so much pain. It may be hard and require the assistance of others, but you can rectify the painful (and understandable, and justified) negative feelings you have about sex. You deserve more than thoughts of online shopping and suicide while engaging in the most enjoyable and evolutionarily encouraged form of human recreation. There is help available and there is no shame in seeking it out.


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