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You and me both, sis

1/ I truly have hateful thoughts and feelings toward family members, I feel as if there all gossipers and I can never be myself around they without being judged

2/ as much as I can tell that my ex is happy it just bothers me seeing him around with his ex no stories that there back together again!

3/ I'm afraid of commitment because my family's so judgemental and I constantly feel like the guys I adore my family will tear him apart, also my dads the biggest ass when it comes to guys..

4/ I feel like the worst possible thing about being a girl is having menstrual cramps and periods every month totally disgusts me if I could do anything to stop it I would

5/ I love h I m but when he loved me I never gave him the opportunity I've never liked nor loved any guy this much before:(

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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