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You don't have to be crazy to take anti-depressants...

1) i love going to counciling since it lets me talk to someone about whats bugging me. I hate it because I realise things I already knew.
2) I never tell the whole truth to my counciler. She doesn't know about the crying, the cutting, the suicidal thoughts, or anything that is the deep problems that send me in to see her.
3) I can't trust my counciler the things that really matter. I don't want my parents to know because then its hello happy pills. i'm not crazy
4) i cut my shoulders last night and it never felt better. I wish they would have bled more because I was in the bath and wanted to see them bleed
5) I want my ex (my best friend) to ask me whats wrong and press the issue. Make me cry so he will hold me and tell me everything's alright. I just want to know that he still cares

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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