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Your brother needs help

1★ I'm an attention whore, I can't help it I CRAVE attention I live on it. I love it when people fight over me its the best feeling in the world to me!

2★ I hate my body so much I hate weighing more then people who are who are older then me I'm not fat I'm just Idk how to explain it LOL but I'm not fat just unperportioned

3★ I've told my boyfriend I love him but I can't seem to make myself believe I really do I guess I just don't believe in It anymore

4★ my brother came at me with a knife because he took my gum and I found it and took it back. I'm terrified that he's going to try and aculy kill me because he's told me before that he wanted to and wished I were dead

5★ aside from number one I love to make people smile and laugh it just makes my day I look up funny things on the internet or say things that make me laugh and tell them to people I love pranking people not the mean way though the nice kind I have a very quilty conshance so I don't do anything to bad(:

BTW K, this website has helped me through rough times because ik it could always be worse and when my friends are being bcomplain about stuff I pull out my phone open this app and find a really sad one and say is it worse then that try living in their shoes. I've cryed over some of these Haha but any way what I was getting at was THANK YOU!!(:

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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