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Facebook slander

1. my bff is the only person i know who hasnt worked from april to january without the aide of an unemployment check....i thnk shes lazy,trifling and wasting whatever talent God has given her..shes the only adult i know who takes naps...shes sleepin and fuckin her life away...and the guys she fucks only use he for sex

2.i can only orgasm lately with my bullet by fantasing im being raped ex boyfriend wants me back and i fear he is the only man who loves me enough to actually be with me..hes a jerk cheap selfish asshole..i kno i deserve better
4.the whole town thinks im gay bc my friends boyfriend slandered me on fb bc he thought we were fucking he has made two fake profiles to degrade me...i smile like it doesnt matter but ive been depressed for months...

5. ive never been pregnant and ill be 35 next chances of a child with MR go uo 50%...

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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