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Fourteen was different for me

1.lost my virginity at age 14. I regret it.
2.even tho I regreted it & said I wld nvr do it again I continued..half my choice half kinda force tht I didn't stand up to bc I broke dwn into it
3. I told my mom about the first time bc I was freaking out..ther was a lot of emotion in our talk tht day..evr since then if I say I'm late on my period she looks at me and asks if I had sex.or if I'm preg. I have lied to her evrytime she had asked.and still do. From wht she knowss we only had sex once. Wish I cld kno n beleiv tht too at the least.
4.goin on 3weeks late on period..altho I started workin out about 2months is it maybe from the chabge of weather or excersize or sumthn. Id love to beleiv tht
5.ik starving urself or makeng urself puke isn't smart but it seems as if all I'm doing is gaining weight which makes since bc its winter and my bday n vday and xxmas all in the same couple months n so a lot of ppl gain weight but I dnt wnt to be fat I hate it I dnt wnt to b this way..but I promised my bf and mom tht I wldnt go anorexic or belemic so I won't..but I'm trying to make an excuse so I have to starve myself. Or at least find a diet we're I barley eat or sumthng I just want a shortcut to get skinny.
BONOUS:I had a dream last night tht I kissed this one guy who I like and all its done is made me wanna kiss him (cheat on my bf who I have dated for a yr and a couple months who I love)
K will u Please give some feelings and advice towards what I have said, I guess I jus wanna kno what to do next with these things

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

[1/2/3 Know that no one ever has a right to force you into sexual acts that you do not want to take part in. It's rape. It doesn't matter if you're in love. Also know that having sex with someone, especially against your will, will never make anyone love you. It may make them love having sex with you, or love sex, or love that you will have sex with them. Doing things just because other people want you to will only encourage them to use you for whatever it is you are giving them more.
4. Bite the bullet and get a pregnancy test. Not knowing will not make it go away and it it will only make it harder to figure out what to do about it if you are pregnant. And if you're going to keep having sex, protect yourself from both pregnancy and disease by learning how to use a condom correctly and using one every time.
5. Nothing worth having is easy to get. If you want to lose weight you have to learn how to eat within the caloric constraints that your body needs in order to maintain that weight or exercise enough to compensate for excess calories. Starvation will only screw up your metabolism and make losing weight even harder in the future, and the weight will come back.
Bonus: Either you still want to be with your boyfriend or not. Make up your mind and don't waste time and confuse yourself thinking about other people if you decide to stay, or staying with someone you don't really want to be with because you love them or think you love them. Sometimes love just ain't enough.

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