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     Dear Reader
1: i masturbate when im in the shower im always thinking of my girl when i do
2: i hate my family there so religious (not that thats a bad thing i am to but i do think im going to hell) its not cuz there religious it mostly becuz there so close minded
3: i told my closest cousin that i trusted very much and she told her mom
4: i am told im a demon for what i feel member number 3 well they rip my cloths of in front of my whole family and beat me till i could not get up becuz they wanted me to change yea like that really did anything
5: im so afraid to love my girl friend i dont want to love her becuz im afraid one day shes gonna wake up and tell me she never want to see me again i know that will happen it always does my life once used to be full of love and happiness but now its full of hate and lies the only one who loves me is my girl but that will go away too i have so many dark things in my head i dont know what to do about them my best friend i haven't seen her in years i love her and my girl friend but they always seem so far away when i call out screaming and crying its always to myself i dont want to bother them i feel like a burden im worthless i never feel good about myself but one day ill just die and go to hell there no one cares about you if i do go into heaven i hope i can see God and tell him why do we feel what we do why did he make us feel so much pain i have so many questions to ask him hope one day ill have the chance 

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

[Just for the record, the title on these secrets are not a judgment on the poster -- I actually don't even believe in hell and if I did, I don't think this person deserves to go.

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