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I'm a girl too...

First; For the first time in a long time, i feel decent.

Two; I'm a fuck up. Even my parents say so behind my back.

Three; My parent's think my boyfriend is too old for me, & When they think im not listening they talk hella shit, but in front of me, they lie.  fuuck those two faced fgts.

Four; I've bettered myself, since my boyfrieend<3 came along, I used to be the bigggest attention whore ever, party, smoked, dranked, drugs, etc. i had to cut that shhit pretty quiick when my family started seeing shhit, and My boyfriend, .. id prolly cheat.

Five; i love the feeling of being sexy and proud. it causes the biggest smile on my fuckin face.

Bonus; I hate girls, there all fake, two faced, whores now of days. I'm a girl but the complete opposite, im honest, real, and far from a whore, they all take there bf's for granted too ,getting pissed at them for the smallest things, like seriously? grow up or dont be in a relationship.

Oh yeah, I always wonder if i know anyone who post's on here. lol js.
I love yu k. this is truly a great site. nd venter :)

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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