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Looking for a happy ending

1--- I hate my life and pretty much everything about it now because the girl I loved broke up with me first thing on New Years. Literally around 12:30am New Years day.

2--- I am a grown ass man and i still live with my mom, every time I get out of here something happens and I end up having to come back. I love my family but I HATE living here!!

3--- I hate my job, the people are all so very cool and I like them all but the actual place and work are the pits!!

4--- I have almost completely lost my faith in God because I refuse to believe in a God that lets a person get to know, and fall in love with someone for almost a year, fly halfway around the world to meet them, then break up with them. (See the first secret)

5--- I'm planning to ask a woman that works in an Asian massage parlor if she will consider getting to know each other and maybe be my girl.

Comment if you want.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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