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Not knowing is the worst part

x1x I. Have an undiagnosed illness, I've been battling it seriously for about 5yrs now. It cuases me constant pain. Doctors honestly don't know what to do for me...
x2x I'm fighting depression and my selfworth because of mu illness, I just want to be young and carefree but its not that simple. I never let anyone see me sweat, but I cry a lot when I'm alone. My friends family & boyfriend all think I'm coping so well...
x3x I love sex... seriously I wacth porn whenever I can! But my illness makes sex painful and rare..
x4x I wish I could die and be reborn healthier, if you don't have your health... what's life?
x4x I think I'm infertile, I don't know to blame my disease or mispent youth :/
x5x I'm only 22

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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