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Nuthnng is good enough

-have posted b4 its kinda like my diary.
-starting to regret ever having sex. Wish I could say I was a virgin.
-I think about starving myself bc in my eyes I'm fat, but I love food too much to actually not eat or to puke it up.
-I'm a selfish bitch,its like no matter what I get or have or do nuthnng is good enough.
- I think about hurting myself to the point tht I wld hav to be in the hospital and hav a chance of dyng jus so I can see who cares enough to come see me and to feel my pain.
- the first thing I posted wasn't rele a secret so ill put another one. I'm young but I hav drank vodka,beer,etc n smoked weed,siggs, etc but I havnt for awhile bc I dnt like it I did it bc it helped releiv stress and jus to c what it was like basiclly I took my anger out on it..the thing is, even tho ik its bad and cld kill me etc..I still almost go 2 it just because I dnt wnt to hav stress or care about anythng for the couple hours I wld be intoxicated. The worst part about it is tht my mom is in A.A. great.
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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