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1111111..... I am super lonely and I hate it when I see couples and people in love. I just want to scream at them and say GET THAT SHIT OUT OF MY FACE!!!!

2222222..... Like many others that post here, I think about suicide, but just to see how many of my "so called friends" would even give a damn, But I would never put my family through that kind of hurt.

3333333..... I hate myself for being so anti-social and not knowing how to talk to other people and make new friends or meet women, it keeps me in my self imposed prison in my house.

4444444..... I masturbate every chance I get because I'm so horny all the time. The only problem with this is I'm 41 and I'm stuck living with my mom and sister so I have to wait until they leave the house to do it.

5555555..... I'm planning on buying myself a penis pump in the near future because even though my cock is about 8-9 inches long, its not very big around.

Kelly, admin, or however you like to be addressed, I REALLY am thankful that I found this site through the Android Market. You are doing the world a HUGE service by allowing a place to release some pent up feelings. I ave posted 3 different times here and I know I have many more to come.


Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

[You're welcome. I know you didn't ask for my advice, but I did want to say upon reading number three in particular that there is no internally imposed problem like this that can't be addressed. You can learn how to be more sociable, how to talk to people, and overcome this loneliness that makes you so unhappy. You do have to want it and feel that you deserve it and the happiness that will come with overcoming these difficulties, but it can be done. I've been sort of socially awkward and had a lot of difficulty making friends for most of my life, but I've been working through a lot of it over the last couple of years and have made a lot of progress in particular since I started working with a counselor. And also, you can call me whatever -- admin, K, Kelly, it's all good. Just don't call me fat ;) Good luck and thanks for the kudos.

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  1. I agree with Miss K. Being social takes work. But it's worth the effort if you can find some peeps that you can confide in and hang with. Some social groups out there like:, (place ad in platonic section for friends) are great ways to just meet people. If you went to college and there maybe an alumni association etc.. It's worth it. And you never know who you might meet. And if you can maybe one day, move out and get a place of your own. That could really help your outlook and give you a bit more freedom to have guests over.


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