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Sex addicts are lurking everywhere these days...

1.I just masturbated in my friends bed he's not here right now but will be back shortly.
2.I smoke weed two or three times times a day sometimes more. Before school during lunch after school before work after work.I love it I would rather be high anydays.
3.I am inloved with my ex. He wasn't happy so I got super stoned one morning and dumped him. At least I had the balls to do it to his face. life has been so much better since I started smoking pot I have great friends a good job and am even doing awesome in school where as before I had none of this. Weird thing is
none of these new friends smoke except one. And she also has
 a great life. Only thing I lost from smoking. Was him. But
if can't except it then he wasn't worth it anyways.
5.I wanna have sex.but I know ill become a sex addict and ill want it all the time so I'm trying to wait till after I graduate high school.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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