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She was totally awake

One: I really enjoy abusing a perscription pain narcoticand have been doing so twice a day for going on five years straight. I use on a daily set schedule and get really grumpy at wife/kids if they are the reason my sched gets messed up.

Two:  I'm having an affair with a married woman at work.

Three: I have convinced said married woman to satisfy I long time fantasy of mine to watch a white woman have sex with a black man and I get to have sloppy seconds. He thinks we are married.

Four: I am hoping this becomes a regular lifestyle for us cuz the whole interracial, (white wife w/ black men, cuckold, swinger/hotwife lifestyle that  is taking the  amateur internet porn world by storm is really a turn on and all I think about.

Five: I masturbated every day for a week in my 18 year old sister in laws shampoo bottle because I saw her steel 50 bucks from my wallet.

Bonus: one time my sis in law came home super intoxicated from a club and passed out looking really hot on her bed. I was buzzed from a house party and noticed how sexy her feet looked. So I was able to suck and lick on her toes while masturbating and she never woke up. but now I notice she spends a lof of time barefoot around me and touching me legs or whatever with her toes to be playful.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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