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Taxi driveher

1) I cheated on my ex husband just so he'd understand how badly I wanted a divorce.

2) The only issues I have with my current boyfriend are the size of his dick (5 inches) and that he has yet to cum during sex. He's 38 yrs old. I think his lack of semen is related to some physical issue. I wish he'd see a doctor.

3) I don't think I'd be a good mother. I tried having kids years ago, but maybe it's not ment to be.

4) I don't like being around old people. I like their stories
 but aging creeps me out.

5) I am always horny! I have a vibrator in my purse.  I watch a lot of porn & fantasize about fucking a black taxi driver in a parking lot after he gets turned on by me masturbating in the back seat of his cab :)

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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