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Don't let yourself fall in love

1) everyday i sit here depressed not doing anything because i'm afraid of what people will say about me. i never go out and i sit all day on the computer.

2) my ex and i broke up over a year ago but i'm still not over her. i see how perfect her new guy is for her and how he does things she loved that i didnt like to do. and it kills to know im nothing to her now.

3) i have anger problems and i lie too much to a lot of people.

4) i hate how i look. i think im fat and ugly. and i feel i will always be alone forever because of it. being alone is my biggest fear.

5) i really like one of my best friends that i have now. i find her to be so amazing and so perfect and i know no one else can make her happier than i can. but she only sees me as a friend and it kills me when i see how guys always screw her over and continually hurt her when i know i would treat her right and never do that to her.  but im nowhere close to being cute enough for her so i know i have no chance. i hate that i feel like i might fall in love with her and she wont even like me and i'll be depressed even more.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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