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Here's looking at you

1. I've killed numerous people in self defense during a civil war in my country.  Many were my own countrymen.
2. In general, I feel many people in this world are not living, but are merely surviving.
3. My current girlfriend does not understand why I get aggravated when she bothers me with petty issues - if I wanted high school romance I'd date a girl in high school.  When the fuck do people grow up?
4. I heard numerous times, when I was growing up, my father beat my mother and I always hoped I would grow up faster and stronger to pay him back.  He left before I could.  I've never forgiven myself, and have developed severe anger problems in life because of it.
5.  I am young, yet feel old in both body and soul.  I have nightmares constantly where I see a young girl being burned alive by soldiers and wonder if it's something I experienced, or if it is just another trick played by my mind.
5? I was never good at math so I get one extra... I wish I was selfish enough to believe suicide would only hurt myself.  I do see why so many see it as a viable option, and will never question anybody's sanity no matter how fucked up they seem on the outside.  Here's looking at you, Charlie Sheen.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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