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I suck at math too

1) even though i hate the idea of marriage, there is only one guy that knows that if i'm with him, then my idea of it is completely turned around

2) I still feel uncomfortable with my body around him though. I have these weird mole/pimple things on my leg and after popping/ destroying one, i have a purple discoloration. I wear board shorts over my swimsuit bottoms now

3) I've been yelled at by my boyfriend that i need to eat more. I dont weigh even a hundred pounds and never want to again. today he had told me i need to eat more and he doesn't want to see me in the hospital because my body can't handle the lack of nutrition. what kills me is that even after him saying that i want to keep 'starving' myself.

4) I don't not eat everyday but i dont eat much. i eat when i get home from school and tell myself that's all i should eat. I think I may have a problem but i'm not sure if i care

5) i'm getting tutoring by my boyfriend and i feel stupid. its geometry which people tell me is hard anyway but when it comes to math, i feel dyslexic. i dont look forward to tutoring ever

*bonus* I dont know if i'm straight or bisexual. i have only liked guys and done anything as far as making out with them, but i have always found girls sexy. It bugs me to no extent that i dont know but dont want to say i'm something i'm not.. (K do you have any advice on that? I'm scared to ask any friends or family)

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

[Don't worry about labels. I think that sexuality is fluid and that most people make WAY too big of a deal about it. Call yourself whatever you identify the most strongly with, if you must call yourself something. It sounds like that is straight, but don't give yourself a hard time for thinking girls are sexy or any other "gay" thoughts. I know plenty of straight men and women who have messed around with or fantasized about people of the same gender and just as many gay men and women who mess around with people of the opposite gender, and everything in between. People are attracted to people, not gender.

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