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Nope, that's not cheating

1. I always felt like I should have been a boy... Not that I want to be but if I was a boy instead of a girl maybe my dad would have stayed with my mom and not cheated on her.

2. I have a boyfriend but I still need attention from other guys, Not that I would cheat on him but I like flirting with other guys... Does that count as cheating?

3. I'm in love with a guy I've known for 7 years but havent seen in about 5 years. I would drop everything for him.

4.I've started drinking and I'm worried I'm going to end up being an alcoholic like the rest of my family.

5. The only thing I've been able to trust is a cat that I had to put down 2 years ago... I still cant forgive myself for it, and even got a tattoo for him because of it.. But it still didnt make me feel any better.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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