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One peg four holes

1) im in love with my ex gf and we both like each other alot but i think shes afraid of having a relationship with a man because of her relationships from the past.
2) i wanna go on a fuck spree and have like a 4 girl fuck, girl on girl with me being the only guy.. sounds awsome
3)i want to be a porn director, i think i would make such a good line of videos with all my ideas and fantasys
4) i always had a dream of hitting the lottery and what it would be like to have all that money .. millions and i think i may have created a lottery addiction ever since i started
5)i feel like a failure.. i started doing the things i told myself i wouldnt do again but ever since my ending relationship with #1 i just gave up careing because she was the only thing that made me not need these things
... ps, k im in a rut... the girl from #1 im best friends with, but even though we broke up yesterday we kissed and for that moment i felt like a re energized person and it felt like she wanted to be back with me again even though im glad it happened idk what to do, she told me she hopes i dont move on in life (without her being with me) and i really like her alot but im confused on the whole situation and k you have helped me with your advice before, what can i do to resolve this problem and win her back:/

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

[It sounds like you're not really sure if you want to win her back. In any case, there probably isn't much to be done -- if she is too afraid to have a relationship and you've already broken up over it, even if you did win her back that doesn't mean she would stay. Sometimes really wonderful people are too emotionally damaged to have a healthy relationship. As frustrating and heartbreaking as it is, there is no way to "make" her see that you won't hurt her like she's been hurt in the past. She has to see that on her own, and maybe she never will. Save yourself some heartache and try to get over it.

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