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The pooch is all in your mind

1) i'm starting to work out since its gonna be warmer out. anorexia or bulimia seem like easier choices. I was anorexic before to a point but that was brought on by depression after a harsh break up

2) I wonder about people in my life. I notice that regardless of what I say, I always seem to trust people to quickly

3) as you know, we're in the season of lent. I announced to give up pop and eating a lot of junk food. I made a secret lenten vow to just eat hardly at all.

4) i already dont eat breakfast or lunch, but snack when i get home. I feel like a pig for it

5) my bf is about 120lbs and only a couple inches taller than me. He should weigh about 140lbs. I'm 5'3" and weigh between 100 and 90lbs but i have a 'pooch' and i hate it. he doesn't and comments once in a while but not in a bad way. I'm still trying to decide if anorexia or bulimia is the way to go on top of working out. the work outs would consist of running mostly

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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