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Rough rider

1. I'm mean to my boyfriend I think its because his dick isn't big enough for me I think its obvious I want to break up with him but I'm scared I won't find someone better

2.Hes cute but I want someone stronger and more exciting that would keep me wanting him and a hugeeee dick

3. I want a muscular attractive man to rob my home and be stopped in his tracks by me in my bra and panties and take only my body and for him to come back everytime my boyfriend leaves

4. Sometimes I touch myself thinking of being kept in a room by a gorgeous guy only to do whatever he wants mainly sucking his cock and cleaning up. I want him to make me suck it until I want him to fuck me and want to be with him

5.  I want the man that's totally in love with me to act like isn't I want him to act like he's my owner or master when we fuck I want him to be rough smack me around a little spit in my face and mouth calling me a slut or a bitch fucking hard me until I scream      

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. I have the exact same thoughts. It makes me feel so good to no that im not the only one that thinks these things. I have only ever been with one person (whom i love dearly) but i cant keep the erotic thoughts out of my head.


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