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The teenage experience

One; -blah, I always post on here when I'm feeling depressed and that's really the only time. So I'm feeling pretty shitty right now. I think I'm pretty bi-polar. Ill be so happy one moment and feel like trash the next.

Two; -I'm so. So. So. So. So. Scared. Of everything really, mostly of my boyfriend leaving me. He's alll I have anymore, I lost 95% precent of my friends, because they were guys and when they found out I had a bf, they left me and /or cause I got so sick of them, they all do the same shit. I recently lost my "bestfriend" if that's what you'd call her. Ha. So he's really all I got anymore. & I'm scared if he leaves me, ill never love anyone like him. I love him. A lot.

Three; -I don't know how to feel anymore, I feel like I'm always wrong and its shitty and makes me sad, and sad. I really feel like crying right now for no good reasons. Im. Sick. Of. This. Feeling.

Four; -me and my boyfriend are long distance, it sucks, I miss him so much & his parents fucking hate me. But guess what? He'll be 18 in august and he's moving in with me. So f.u.c.k them. They need to get over shit.

Five; -I'm 100 pounds, 5'3, and apperently "pretty" I feel fat, ugly, and just flat out disgusting. The worst part? I'm not sure if I acutally feel that way, or if I just like compliments? Beats me. But I know I feel fat, and ugly. I think.

Bonus; -I'm fucking lost. Flat out! I don't get life, or anything! I wish I knew more answers :/ but I guess mystery is good..

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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